A Business In A Box

The ULTIMATE ‘Business In a Box’

I know staring a NEW business from scratch can be quite scary at first…I know what it’s like to be cautious about jumping into a new venture with no experience..I’ve shared the same fears as you…I was once there to in the same position.. So here’s how I can help!

..Can you imagine..having me right by your side holding your hand every single step of the way through your exciting new journey?

..Can you imagine..What a relief it would be to just email or call me whenever you got stuck or were struggling with something??

..Can you imagine.. The security you would feel knowing you had a professional at beckons call whenever you need advise?

..Can you imagine.. Never stressing about how to run a business & what you need to do?

..Can you imagine.. Having business leads from day one?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of those questions, then you won’t want to miss out on this limited-one time-offering…

Circle of Love – Franchise Opportunities

“A Business In A Box’”:

We supply everything you need & train you to have a successful Circle of Love wedding ceremony franchise from day one. No hidden costs or hard work to establish a new business name.

We ‘guarantee’ we will stand by your side, hold your hand & be their for your support to ensure the success of your new business, with a well established brand name in the wedding industry.

  • Circle of Love Brand Name
  • Established Successful Marketing Package
  • Circle of Love Portfolio to show clients from day one
  • Established website with over 800 unique visits a week
  • Successful blog page
  • Wedding Ceremony styling supplies
  • Event Equipment
  • Administration Supplies
  • Silver Foiled Business Cards
  • Email account
  • I Pad 2 or professional camera
  • Circle of Love Business Templates
  • Logos and Artwork
  • Vehicle car sticker
  • Wedding Coordinator Folder
  • Full training to get your franchise region started including full training at region & photo shoots to start your portfolio
  • Ongoing Support Officer (24/7 help so your never alone)
  • Full Operations Manual
  • Customer Management or conflict resolution training
  • Styling & coordination training
  • Account Keeping and reporting training


Want to discover Inside the famous Circle of Love Franchise?

Watch this 2 part informative video that gives you an insight to the fundamentals of Circle of Love & what we are all about.

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