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The Wedding Industry Will Never End

Wedding Industry Overview (Research Conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics- Marriages, Australia.)

1.1 Total marriages, Australia1991-2011

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Australia Weddings


The 121,752 marriages registered in 2011 represented an increase of 576 (0.5%) from the 121,176 marriages registered in Australia in 2010. This is the highest number of marriages registered in a single year and continues the relatively steady increase in marriages since 2001.
1.1 Total marriages, Australia – 1991-2011

o Increase in Marriage: In 2010, there were 120,000 registered marriages in Australia representing the highest marriage figures in a decade. (This is a very supportive figure despite the economy, and supports a Franchise Model based in the wedding industry.)

o Increase in Median age at marriage : The median age of people married in 2008 was 32.0 years for males and 29.5 years for females. (The delayed years in marriage suggests that couples are more financially setup at this stage in life, compared to couples in their early twenties. Couples tend to be in secure jobs with careers with higher earning capacity, and have more assets- some including properties that have increased in value. The outcome of this research indicates that these couples have more money to spend on their special day, as they are in a greater financial position then those in their early 20’s.)

o Rise in Civil Ceremonies ABS research showed that a surprising 2/3 of Australian marriage ceremonies are performed by civil celebrants outside of a traditional church setting. Civil marriages have outnumbered religious ceremonies in Australia since 1997 when 51% of all marriages were performed by civil celebrants. In 2008, the trend toward civil ceremonies continued, with 71% of marriages performed by civil celebrants. (The trend towards civil ceremonies is meaning that couples are opting for alternative venues for their wedding ceremony. With this trend in mind in our busy society, more and more couples are appointing the advise and expertise of an experienced ceremony coordinator and decorator to help them coordinate, decorate and facilitate their outdoor civil ceremony.) (Circle of Love franchise directly targets this trend.)

o Rise in Second Marriages: In 2008, of marriages registered in Australia, 24% of grooms had been divorced and 1.8% having been widowed. For brides 22% had been divorced previously and 2.0% having been widowed. 16% of marriages (4,172) were remarriages for both partners. (This indicates that there is a large sector of the market that is getting married for the ‘second’ or ‘Third’ time. This could suggest why there is any increase in the amount of marriages. This sector of the market is definitely an opportunity not to be understated or missed. Whilst the mass consumer is focused on the divorce rates, they are forgetting to think about the wedding opportunities: whilst the divorce rates are increasing, so are the ‘second’ marriage rates!! No longer are you catering to a once off client!)

Business Vs Franchise

Australia Business Vs Australia Franchise

  • 95% of all small businesses in Australia Fail within 5 years- compared to 5% of franchises failing .
  • An Australia franchise system is a proven business system that works, with a support structure to ensure your success
  • You have a much higher success rate building a business in a franchise system as opposed to building a business on your own…
  • You have constant ongoing support in building your business from someone who is successful in the wedding industry, who will act as your mentor and business coach, and work with you to achieve your dreams


  • We don’t sell franchises- we select franchisees
  • It is very important that we find the right people to work in the franchise system, as we want to ensure the success of the company, and we look for positive, driven and passionate people who share the same vision as us.

Circle of Love Business Particulars:

  • Established History in Wedding market
  • Consistent Wedding Bookings for Franchisees:
  • Easy to Run and Low hours: work the hours that you want
  • Repetitive and reliable: systems and templates in place:
  • Automated: website and marketing materials in place to draw in enquiries and leads
  • Professional Website: getting 2000 hits per month plus
  • Run from Home: no office lease or retail shop lease needed. You can run this business from your own home! (Save on rent and get increased profits!)
  • Exclusive Business Model (this wedding business model is designed for profit, even in a downturned economy.)
  • Turn Key: make money from day one.
  • Opportunity for Growth
  • Be part of a growing company that is expanding Rapidly.
  • All training provided. Support manager available on a weekly basis.
  • Great Opportunity to Secure High Return on Investment for little outlay.
  • Get started now before peak Wedding season starts: (to optimize your profits and take advantage of the peak wedding season.)

Circle of Love Business Strengths:

  • A fully Australia Franchise systemised and proven system to allow ‘anyone’ to operate and profit
  • Massive growth potential, being proven already with little marketing and owner input. The business has shown a strong, organic growth, even through an economic crisis
  • Training / Operations Manual
  • Minimal hours for buyer
  • Consistent Growth
  • Service to Small Businesses and Venues
  • High quality Value adding wedding packages in place
  • Trained support staff in place
  • This is a ‘feel good’ industry to be involved with – an industry which sells dreams and inspiration, and makes a significant difference in peoples lives.
  • Over 900 visits to our website weekly
  • Strong company branding & marketing
  • Our ‘Wedding Planner App’ download on average 70 times a day branding our company nationally and internationally