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A letter from Circle of Love Weddings Director – Jessica Murphy

Circle of Love Director, Circle of Love Weddings

Jessica Murphy – Circle of Love Director

Welcome to Circle of Love Weddings where, ‘We love what we do & Do what we love.’

I feel so lucky to have started from working for free to gaining casual employment in the wedding industry to buying my first business at the age of 23. Now nearly 10 years into trying to gain employment in the industry I loved so much, I am ‘The Director’ of Circle of Love Pty Ltd. Australia’s fastest growing wedding franchise with franchisees currently in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne & even Perth.

But it was never easy, I went from applying for positions as a wedding coordinator for 4 years & getting knocked back over & over again, whilst completing my Diploma in Hotel Management at Palazzo Versace to studying at University for 3 years & completely my Bachelor of Convention & Events management & still I could not get into the industry I loved so much. Even with over 4 years of hospitality experience, work experience in nearly every department at Palazzo Versace I could not catch a break till I finally gained casual employment with All About Venues & that’s where it all began. A few hours a week of employment to buying my first business, ‘Circle of Love – Gold Coast,’ to now owning the entire franchise system.

If you have a dream pursue it, no matter what it takes! If you choose weddings you can skip all those steps I took & get trained by myself in the industry I love so much & will do anything for, to see not only my couples happy but also my franchisees successful & happy in the most rewarding industry you could imagine. You don’t need a degree, you do not need experience in weddings or business, you don’t need to waste years doing courses, spending pointless dollars & trying to gain experience, ALL YOU NEED IS PASSION for the wedding industry, service & drive to succeed. Have all those qualities then I want to hear from you, sit down with you & discuss how I can help you on the road to your dreams & earning from day one with Circle of Love Weddings.