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Circle of Love Master Franchise Opportunity Australia

Circle of Love Weddings Master Franchise for sale Australia – National Master Franchise Opportunity Australia (From $250K)


Circle of Love Pty Ltd is Australia’s most successful and profitable wedding franchise systems.   The owner is now looking to sell the company to an ambitious entrepreneur with the desire to drive the business forward.


Owning Circle of Love Pty Ltd Company enables you to secure your financial future and choose your desired lifestyle.


About Circle of Love


The ‘Circle of Love’ Franchise System focuses on Wedding Ceremony management and styling, including indoor and outdoor ceremonies, both religious, and civil, in a range of venues including beach, park, garden, chapel and church.


Circle of Love is a ‘service’ based franchise- the fastest growing franchise sector in Australia, because of its low start-up capital, high returns and low overheads.

Circle of Love Pty Ltd is committed to securing the future of our franchisee partners by growing our network of franchise regions and increasing our customer base.


Circle of Love Pty Ltd assists the right person to succeed in the wedding business market, where they will use our accredited franchise model; tried, tested and perfected during our 4-year history.


Key facts at a glance


  • Multi-award winning company
  • 7 franchises sold in a year across Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth
  • Known and loved in the Australian market since 2010
  • Annual franchisor sales of over $250k, making Circle of Love Pty Ltd the market leader in Wedding Franchises
  • Range of leading and exclusive brands
  • Circle of Love Pty Ltd Australia is a family-owned business
  • Global branding potential


Strengths of the Circle of Love franchise business

Valuable intellectual property
The national franchisor owns the trademark and all intellectual property. The value of the franchise system will continue to grow through increased market awareness and sustained growth in the number of franchise owners.

Well-documented and easy to follow systems
Franchise operations are well-documented, with detailed operational manuals and procedures as well as franchise agreements and disclosure documents.

Controlled growth at whatever rate is desired
The national franchisor is in control and therefore determines how fast the network will grow.

Franchisees are primarily self-reliant
Day to day details of the business are handled by master franchisees and territory franchisees, who do not rely on the national franchisor at that level. Therefore the national franchisor can concentrate their efforts on development of the overall business.

Benefit from others’ experience
The franchise system has been designed by people who understand franchising, both through academic qualification and considerable practical experience.

 Exceptional growth prospects
The business is ready to be grown. Immediate opportunities exist to drive the development of the business including further penetrating existing markets as well as opening in new markets. Further controlling the supply of products to franchisees will grow the supply side of the business. International markets such as New Zealand are also possible in the short term.


Guaranteed income

The business is extremely easy to manage and is financially efficient: the franchisor receive royalties and service fees, which are to some extent passive income.


At this time there are around 8 territory franchise agreements in existence, with guaranteed income streams.  Further, there are over 20+ franchise regions still to sell.


Business potential

Brands are not born fully grown. Almost every franchisor begins with some local brand recognition (it may only be a neighborhood) and has to grow that brand to achieve regional or national status.


This is the great thing about the Master Franchise Opportunity. You can take a successful company (franchise) from one part of the country and duplicate it in the geography that you want to control. And best of all is that it includes a complete system in place to help you grow. They have eliminated all the mistakes that startups always make, and offer a clear path to business success.

Who we are looking for


For the select few, an outstanding business opportunity exists to own Circle of Love Pty Ltd as a National Franchisor.


The role of a National Franchisor requires utmost commitment and dedication to the success of the brand throughout Australia. Whilst supporting the Franchisees and the group as a whole, the role involves growing the company and conducting brand awareness.


We only consider applicants with previous business experience, and commitment and passion for the wedding industry.


If you think this is you and want to know more, contact Jessica on 0434 644 238 for a casual conversation about the company. Only serious ambitious entrepreneur to apply we do require an application in first proceeding.


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